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  • The Schwag

    The Schwag

    Grateful Dead Experience - Fri - Sat

  • Stairway To Zeppelin

    Stairway to Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin Tribute - Thursday

  • Eliminator KC

    Eliminator KC

    ZZ Top Tribute - Sunday

  • Mr Mojo Risin

    Mr. Mojo Risin'

    A Tribute to The Doors

  • California Voodoo

    California Voodoo

    Widespread Panic Tribute

  • The Wolfmanz Brothers

    The Wolfmanz Brothers

    PHISH Tribute

  • Andy Frasco and the U.N.

    Andy Frasco and the U.N.

  • Freekbass


  • Chicago Afrobeat Project

    Chicago Afrobeat Project

  • Brother Bagman

    Brother Bagman

  • Kris Lager Band

    Kris Lager Band

  • The Brody Buster Band

    The Brody Buster Band

  • 3 Son Green

    3 Son Green

  • Driving Wheel

    Driving Wheel

  • Nicolette Paige

    Nicolette Paige

  • Miss Conception

    Miss Conception

  • Dirty River Ramblers

    Dirty River Ramblers

  • Tyler Gregory

    Tyler Gregory

  • Purusa


Green Eggs and Jam Festival will feature tributes to:

September 4th & 5th - Main Event
The Grateful Dead (The Schwag - 2 nights)
Phish (The Wolfmanz Brothers - Fri)
Widespread Panic (California Voodoo - Sat)
The Doors (Mr. Mojo Risin' - Fri)

Including pre and post festival tribute parties
Thursday, September 3rd
Led Zeppelin (
Stairway to Zeppelin)
The Doors (Mr. Mojo Risin')
Sunday, September 6th
ZZ Top (Eliminator KC)

Andy Frasco, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Freekbass, Brother Bagman, Kris Lager Band, 3 Son Green, Brody Buster
and lots more great music, along with a weekend full Dr. Seuss themed fun, costume parade, contests and more great fun!

Limited camping upgrades are available to get you Main Stage, Campground Stage or RV camping!




 No outside alcohol permitted.
Must be 21+ with valid state issued ID to purchase and consume alcohol on premises.
See the FAQ page for more details.

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